Head to Head | Handcrafted vs Store-Bought Nut Mylk

Throughout the years I've typically opted for almond milk over dairy milk, for many reasons, but mostly I was weirded out by drinking animal breast milk as a grown woman. After learning more about almond milk bought from the store and questioning the shelf life, taste and ingredients used it was time to make the switch to homemade. Let's take a closer look at these differences: First, lets talk about the percentage of almonds used per one litre, a study on store-bought almond milk reported that almonds make up just 2% of the milk, while homemade nut mylk like ours contains 25% almonds. Second, there's the shelf life. My store-bought almond milk would last what seemed like forever, where as h

Our Smoothie Bowl Obsession | The Secret to the Perfect Smoothie Bowl

Smoothies have long been an obsession of mine as a go to breakfast or snack, they’re easy to whip up, healthy and delicious. Lately my smoothie game has evolved to the photogenic smoothie bowl! I love that you can make them a bit more filling than a typical smoothie and can personalize your bowls the way you like. At the heart of a good smoothie bowl is the base. The key is to make a thick base that can withstand the weight of your ingredients. Some tricks for a thick base: Frozen fruit, particularly heavier fruits like mango and banana Avocado is another fruit that creates a creamy consistency Nut butter is a great way to add flavour, healthy fats and create a thick and creamy base Don’t ad

Maca Love | Our 7 Favourite Benefits

I have a serious love for Maca, I put it in Mylks, in smoothies, in overnight oats and in coffees. Seriously, it’s in all my breakfast staples. You likely already know of this amazing superfood, but probably haven’t heard all of the wonderful health benefits. This plant packs a serious health punch! The Maca Root is from the radish family and is found in the Peruvian Andes (hence our Maca Cacao Mylk - The Andes) this incredible superfood has an earthy taste, but also blends with other flavours so you won’t get the taste, while still enjoying the amazing health benefits! So what is it that makes this food supplement so great? Here are our 7 favourite health benefits of the Maca Root: Mood and

Our Favourite Cacao, Nut Butter, and Banana Smoothie

This is a go to breakfast smoothie, full of protein, antioxidants and healthy fats that will help keep you full until lunch time! We use The Andes Pumpkin Seed Cashew Mylk and homemade nut butter, this combo tastes amazing and will give you tons of energy to start your day! Total time: 10 minutes Serving Size: Perfect for 1 Ingredients: 1 cup of The Andes Pumpkin Seed Cashew Mylk 1 banana A handful of oats 1 tablespoon of nut butter (any type of nut butter will work - see our Cashew Macadamia Nut Butter recipe below) 1 teaspoon of Maca 1 teaspoon of Hemp Hearts 1 tablespoon of Cacao 3-4 ice cubes for toppings: Sliced banana A handful of coconut flakes Instructions Just put all the ingredient

E3 Live Blue Algae | This Superfood is Magic

E3 meaning Earth’s Essential Elements and Live simply for the fact that this supplement is frozen fresh with live Blue Algae. So what’s all the buzz about this beautifully coloured superfood? Scientifically put, E3 Live is s 100% Aphanizomenon flos-aquae blue-green algae—a certified organic wild-harvested Nutrient Dense AquaBotanical considered by renowned health authorities to be nature’s most beneficial superfood.Physiologically, E3Live may help support overall body/mind balance in numerous ways. Its field of action simultaneously includes the immune, endocrine, nervous, gastro-intestinal and cardio-vascular systems. Nutritionally, E3Live provides 65 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and ess

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