Holiday Favourites | Who Says They Can't Be Healthy

The holidays are full of all sorts of amazing foods, drinks and baked goods, which are great at the time, but can put us into food komas and leave us feeling heavy. That said, not all of our holiday favourites have to be unhealthy, our Peppermint Cacao Cashew Mylk and Nut Nog are two examples of that. Chalked full of vitamins and nutrients, these Mylks offer amazing health benefits! NUT NOG Made with protein and healthy-fat rich almond cashew Mylk and packed with warming spices that offer a serious health punch. 1. Molasses is known to be a natural stress reliever with B vitamins, calcium and magnesium, which all play a roll in combating stress and anxiety. High in iron, molasses helps reduc

Unrefined | Why We Opt for Natural Sweeteners Over Refined

There's no denying that sugar in excess is not healthy, however smaller amounts of natural sugars such as pure maple, local raw honey and dates offer excellent health benefits, especially when compared refined sugars. So what makes them healthier? Here are the health benefits of the 3 natural sweeteners we use in our Mylks: PURE MAPLE SYRUP Not only does maple syrup taste amazing, this natural sweetener is high in antioxidants, helps with inflammation. helps protect skin health and offers vitamins and trace minerals such as zinc, manganese, potassium and calcium. LOCAL RAW HONEY When sourced ethically, we love honey! It is an excellent natural way to relieve allergies, chalked full of antiox

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