Fresh Nut Mylks to your door with our online ordering and home delivery

We are beyond excited to share that you're now able to order our Fresh Nut Mylks online for home delivery! We wanted to be able to offer an option that allowed you to enjoy our Mylks without having to leave the comforts and safety of your home. To celebrate we are offering free delivery and 10% off when ordering 3 or more of our Nut Mylks. Here are some quick points for online ordering: - Available on the Lower Mainland only - Mylks will be placed outside your door to abide by social distancing measures - Friday Deliveries will be sent to customers who place their order between Monday - Wednesday. Tuesday Deliveries will be sent to customers who placed orders between Thursday - Sunday. - Bot

4 Natural Ways to Boost Immunity

Amongst all the chaos going on these days, I’ve found solace in the fact that we, as a society, are being called to come together to slow down, reflect, and recharge. With so many “to-do’s” being cancelled, we are forced to do something we rarely ever do - simply just be. Virus or not, prioritizing our health should always be our top priority - and circumstances like this make that clear as day. I wanted to shed some light on what we can do to support and boost our immune systems naturally. Trust me, it’ll do so much more than panic-buying toilet paper. Decrease Stress Quite possibly the hardest tip to implement, but also quite possibly the most effective. Our body’s natural stress response

The top 4 ingredients in plant milk alternatives you need to watch out for

I have fully come to the terms that I am “that girl” that will ask the barista at the coffee shop if I can read the back of the almond milk carton to scan through the ingredients - and I’m proud of it! If you’re like me and love inspecting food labels and reading through ingredient lists (no? just me?) than you’ve probably noticed the array of questionable and unpronounceable ingredients that are often found in conventional plant-based milk. We all know the harmful effects that dairy can have on our health, but how harmful are these additives found in our favourite alternatives? I wanted to break down the top four most common ingredients to steer clear from and why you should. 1. Processed S

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