Our New Product Line

At NutMeg Mylk our mission as a company is to replace store-bought dairy-free milk filled with gums and fillers wi​th a wholesome, healthy and nourishing nut mylk made without the use of preservatives. As we grew as a company, it became clear that in order to grow our mission and reach more people, we needed a product that lasted longer and was more accessible for people to afford. 

When we learned about the technology of High Pressure Pasteurization we were super excited by the ability to naturally extend our shelf life from 1 week to 5 weeks using cold pressure that maintains the integrity and nutrients of the products while naturally preserving the product. We work with a local facility here in Vancouver called HPP West Coast.

When it comes to taste and quality we've maintained the same integrity that our customers have come to know and love, offering a variation of our 3 customer favourites (The Tahiti, The Blue Moon and The Andes). These flavours include Creamy Brazil Nut - a super creamy mylk with almonds, cashews and Brazil nuts lightly sweetened with vanilla and maple, Blue Coconut - creamy coconut cashew mylk with blue algae, cinnamon and maple, and Silky Cacao - a choclatey blend of almonds, cashews, raw cacao, cinnamon and maple.

We've been able to reduce the price significantly with our new line retailing around $7.99 per bottle. This is something we are incredibly excited to offer as we receive feedback all the time about how much our customers love our glass line but simply can't afford them. 

Most importantly, our glass line will continue to retail in store and online, this is simply an extension of our existing products and we hope you love them as much as we do!!