As an on-again, off-again vegetarian, I've always opted for dairy-free substitutes, but have never enjoyed the taste, consistency or ingredients used in store-bought nut milks. I fell in love with the taste and health benefits of homemade Nut Mylk and began experimenting with different ingredients, flavours, nuts and superfoods.

I've always enjoyed trying different types of food and learning about new methods and ingredients to nourish the body and mind. Overwhelmed by the joy of crafting my own Nuts Mylks and giving them to friends and family, I knew I wanted to continue to share NutMeg Mylks with others. 

At NutMeg we handcraft Nut Mylks with raw, organic and nutrient-rich ingredients. We carefully source the highest quality ingredients opting to choose local whenever possible. 

Our Nut Mylks are larger in volume with the intention to replace store--bought preservative, chemical and additive-rich dairy-free milk with a wholesome and healthy option made with love and care just for you.

Our Story