Our Smoothie Bowl Obsession | The Secret to the Perfect Smoothie Bowl

Smoothies have long been an obsession of mine as a go to breakfast or snack, they’re easy to whip up, healthy and delicious. Lately my smoothie game has evolved to the photogenic smoothie bowl! I love that you can make them a bit more filling than a typical smoothie and can personalize your bowls the way you like.

At the heart of a good smoothie bowl is the base. The key is to make a thick base that can withstand the weight of your ingredients. Some tricks for a thick base:

  • Frozen fruit, particularly heavier fruits like mango and banana

  • Avocado is another fruit that creates a creamy consistency

  • Nut butter is a great way to add flavour, healthy fats and create a thick and creamy base

  • Don’t add too much liquid I can’t tell you how many times my smoothie bowls accidentally turned into “Smoothie soup”

  • Use creamier liquids for your smoothie, I prefer to use Nut Mylk over water or coconut water

  • Add ice cubes, but be mindful that they can melt quickly and turn to soup

  • Yoghurt is another great thickener I prefer to use dairy-free coconut yoghurt

Before blending up your base don’t skip on the opportunity to throw in ingredients with added health benefits. My go to is Veggie Greens or Spirulina, also E3 Live, which is not only insanely healthy, but adds a beautiful blue colour. Other ingredients I like to add are Bee Pollen, Maca powder, Vitamin E and D (basically any vitamin in a droplet form can be added if it suits what your body needs) and Cacao.

Now for the fun part, the toppings! I like to add sliced fruit, granola, sprinkle on some hemp hearts, coconut flakes and goji berries as well as bee pollen. Here are some other ingredients, but just go with whatever you have in your cupboard and your body is craving:

  • Flax seed

  • Chia seeds

  • Any sort of nut

  • Cacao nibs

  • Fresh or frozen fruit

  • Nut butter

Our last secret for making smoothie bowls, HAVE FUN! Get creative with the ingredients you use and how you place them on your bowl for your very own signature recipe!

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