Head to Head | Handcrafted vs Store-Bought Nut Mylk

Throughout the years I've typically opted for almond milk over dairy milk, for many reasons, but mostly I was weirded out by drinking animal breast milk as a grown woman. After learning more about almond milk bought from the store and questioning the shelf life, taste and ingredients used it was time to make the switch to homemade. Let's take a closer look at these differences:

First, lets talk about the percentage of almonds used per one litre, a study on store-bought almond milk reported that almonds make up just 2% of the milk, while homemade nut mylk like ours contains 25% almonds.

Second, there's the shelf life. My store-bought almond milk would last what seemed like forever, where as handmade nut mylk will last between 5-7 days. This means no preservatives just real ingredients.

Third, how about those ingredients? I have a tough time pronouncing half of what's on the ingredient list of store-bought nut milk that's filled with non-food chemicals and additives, which can have a negative impact on your health. Where as homemade nut mylks like ours have a short list of simple and healthy ingredients.

Fourth and final, the taste. This is where you can really understand the difference of what 2% of almonds tastes like versus 25%, there truly is no comparison. a watered down flavourless yet thick milk vs. a creamy mylk that allows you to taste and identify each and every flavour and ingredient!

With that, not all store-bought almond milk is created equal. Some brands contain less additives than others so if you are shopping for store-bought almond milk, be sure to read the label and go for the shortest simplest list of ingredients possible!



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