The Buzz Behind Bee Pollen

We all know that bee pollen comes from honeybees who forage among flower blossoms for nectar, but many of us are only recently learning about the amazing benefits of this superfood. It has a sweet earthy taste and is easy to incorporate into your day to day meals, bee pollen is super nutrient dense with so many amazing health benefits.

The list of health benefits goes on and on but here's our top 6:

1. ALLERGIES | It's allergy season and instead of taking Benadryl on repeat try incorporating bee pollen into your diet daily as it reduces the presence of histamine that improves allergy symptoms.

2. ENERGY | A natural energizer, bee pollen contains a range of nutrients including vitamin B, proteins and carbohydrates that increases your stamina and energy levels.

3. IMMUNE BOOSTER | Antibiotic-type properties in bee pollen help improve immune functioning and can help fight off viruses and harmful bacteria.

4. SKIN | Chalked full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories bee pollen can help common skin conditions like eczema as well as skin smoothing and anti-aging from antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids that protect the skin and aid in regeneration of new cells.

5. DIGESTION | Bee pollen contains enzymes that can aid inn digestion and assist your body in breaking down and absorbing vital nutrients.

6. INFERTILITY ISSUES | Bee pollen is said to help stimulate and restore ovarian functioning and can be used as a natural way to accelerate pregnancy as well as a hormone booster. of AND a aphrodisiac ;).

Take a spoonful at breakfast, drink a glass of The Indie, blend into a smoothie, top your granola, oatmeal or smoothie bowl with bee pollen it's tasty and oh so healthy!

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