Get Your Orders In

We are so excited to have our online ordering up and running! We want to create the best experience with the freshest Mylk possible, and with that in mind will be starting customer pick up every Tuesday.

Pick up from two of our favourite cafes, either Vital Café in Railtown (686 Powell Street) or Mo’s General Store in North Vancouver (51 Lonsdale Avenue). Pick up on Tuesdays between 8am and 4pm from Vital Supply Co and between 8 am and 8pm from Mo’s General Store.

How to order:

  1. Select your Mylk and quantity, note that just 1 litres are available for pick up at this time

  2. If you have a bottle to return with your pick up, also add bottle return to your order (please note there is 1 bottle return discount per bottle)

  3. Enter your preferred pick-up location by typing in the pick-up location name into “special requirements”

  4. Confirm payment and complete your order

  5. Pick up on Tuesday during business hours from your preferred pick up location

And enjoy fresh Nut Mylk every week!



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