Turmeric, All About that Golden Goodness

These days we are seeing turmeric everywhere! From lattes and tonics to smoothies and energy balls and of course Nut Mylks! This is because of the amazing health benefits of this incredible herb and of course it’s beautiful golden colour. There are so many reasons to incorporate turmeric into your daily routine, here are some of our favourites:

ANTIINFLAMMATORY | Turmeric is an incredibly powerful way to combat inflammation. A recent study evaluated several anti-inflammatory compounds and found that turmeric is more effective than drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen!

SKIN CONDITION TREATMENTS | Turmeric also has powerful antioxidant properties that have proven to be effective in treating skin conditions such as wound healing and treating acne and acne scarring

DIGESTIVE ISSUES | Using turmeric for digestive issues such as inflammatory bowl disease (IBD) has been shown to reduce symptoms of pain while helping to heal the gut and support the growth of good bacteria

ANTICANCEROUS | A number of laboratory studies on cancer cells have shown that turmeric does have anticancer effects. It seems to be able to kill cancer cells and prevent more from growing. It has the best effects on breast cancer, bowel cancer, stomach cancer and skin cancer cells.

This amazing herb is so easy to incorporate daily. Add to smoothies, overnight oats, drink as a tea latte, add to savoury dishes like curries and soups or pick up The Indie Mylk by ordering online or picking up from one of our retail locations!



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