Activated Smoothie Bowl with Detoxifying Charcoal

Many of you are still on detox mode following a super fun, but indulgent December. Lately I’ve been taking activated charcoal following a couple too many glasses of wine paired with a yummy but not exactly healthy night of eating. And since I’m obsessed with anything that makes your food a cool colour, why not add this incredible detoxifier to a smoothie bowl!

Building a smoothie bowl is oh-so-easy and fun if you want to learn the basics head to out an earlier blog post here.

So what is activated charcoal and what’s so great about it anyway? Activated charcoal is a tasteless and odorless powder that is highly adsorbent, with millions of tiny pores that capture, bind, and remove poisons, heavy metals, chemicals, and gases up to 1000 times its own weight.

It’s so great because of its ability to remove poisons and toxins from the air, the water you drink and from your body. It’s an excellent digestive supplement for its ability to remove toxicity, increasing energy levels, improving mental function and helping to alleviate gas and bloat.

Activated charcoal also is a poison and toxin remedy or as many of us experience it, a HANGOVER, especially when taken before a night of drinking it can help to reduce the severity of your hangover.

To make your own black smoothie bowl blend:

1 - 3 caplets of activate charcoal (we got ours from Finlandia)

1 frozen banana

1 cup frozen berries

1 handful of greens

1 cup of Nut Mylk of choice (we used The Tahiti)

1 teaspoon of maca or any other superfoods you'd like to include

Blend all ingredients together in high speed blender, until it’s a thick creamy consistency, this is important to hold up the weight of the ingredients you’re topping the bowl with.

Then top with your favourite healthy inrgredients, we used:

Almond butter


Goji berries

Bee pollen

Flax seed

And enjoy!



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