WTF is Reiki

Alexis Anderson gives us the scoop on her practice as a healer and coach:

The question I get most often is “What is reiki?” A lot of people seem to have heard of it before, and maybe even experienced a session, but don’t really get what it is. Honestly, I didn’t really get it at first either, but I knew something good was happening in my body so I kept going for sessions. Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life (Rei) Energy (ki). The healing technique has been around for centuries, and has been further developed over the years. It is not a religion, and it is not a specific belief system. People can get tripped up over the idea of Reiki, because some believe that they have to follow some type of religion or be a “spiritual” person. Not the case! You can be any geek off the street and enjoy the benefits of Reiki.

Energy flows through all living things, and we as humans go through trauma, emotional turmoil, painful events, burdens, and stress, which can block the flow of energy (ki). The Reiki practitioner has the understanding that people can use their own energy to be healed, and the job of the practitioner is to help channel that life force energy to clear blockages in the body to leave the person feeling lighter and more connected to the energy of the universe.

The reaction is different for everyone, and that’s what I love about Reiki. It all depends on what you specifically need, and what you are energetically open to. Reiki is known to help with stress & anxiety, emotional trauma, back pain, migraines, mental clarity, and overall sense of wellbeing. The most common reaction after a session that I hear is “I am SO relaxed!” and it’s so easy. All you do is lie down on a table (fully clothed) and let the magic happen. You don’t do anything except breathe. Easy enough, right?

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