Cosmetic Acupuncture, Just too Good Not to Share

After going to multiple treatments with Nicole Longstaff for cosmetic accupuncture, I just had to share more about this treatment as an incredible holistic way for healthier, more radiant skin! Nicole has written a blog post to share more about her methods and how you can benefit from cosmetic accupuncture:

The practice of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for thousands of years but in the past decade the addition of Cosmetic Acupuncture into the Acupuncturists tool belt has made a popularity surge as a melding of east meets west merges into our skin care routines. This treatment offers the vast quantity of people who are looking for anti-aging results that don't involve botox or filler injections but offers a more natural approach to age gracefully.

Covering ones' face with tiny pins isn't for the faint of heart but once in the body, most people will experience extreme relaxation and even fall asleep. The main question often asked though is how does it work? With each prick, the skin experiences a micro-trauma. This disruption awakens local cells, stimulates collagen production, re-educates muscles, and promotes blood, oxygen, and energy circulation throughout the body. The result is a reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving the skin a soft appearance and overall glow.

Acupuncture points are also placed in the hands and legs to help treat the skin from the inside out by tapping into the energy of the organs. Points are used to balance hormones, regulate digestion, increase blood production and regulate the flow of fluids throughout the body. The approach of tackling the skin from the inside out will leave you looking rejuvenated and will quickly become a popular add on to your skin care regime.

The beauty of these treatments is that anyone can benefit from them! From young to mature skin, issues such as acne, rosacea, dull skin tone and fine lines can be tackled. No signs of aging or skin issues that you are concerned about right now? Even better! Start doing treatments for preventative measures! A bonus side effect of these treatments is better sleep, reduced anxiety and stress, improved digestion and an overall sense of well being with no downtime. It's a transformation that is truly more than skin deep.

For further information check out or contact Nicole with any questions you may have at

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