4 Easy Ways to Remove Harmful Toxins from Your Everyday Life

Eliminating toxic products has been a journey for me over the past month and if I’m being honest, it’s incredibly overwhelming at first. Literally every single product I used from my housecleaners and laundry detergent to my makeup, skincare and hair products.

Every day we are exposed to SO MANY TOXINS from the moment you step out the door, from car pollution, cigarette smoke, gas pumps, candles and air freshners to processed foods and chemicals found in non-organic foods (this is a WHOLE other topic that warrants its own post). Many of these toxins we have no way around, which is why reducing toxins in our homes is even more important!

I am by no means and expert on the topic but have spent some time reading up and listening to experts share their stories on how switching to natural products changed their life for the better. IGNORANCE IS BLISS, at first I felt like the less I knew the better, but after learning more, the information on toxic products and our health was just too much to ignore and I felt empowered to take charge of my family and I’s health.

So WHY reduce a toxic environment? These harmful ingredients found in household products, food, cosmetics etc. all have negative impacts on our health, however each ingredient impacts our bodies different. Read more about “The Dirty Dozen” here which lists the 12 ingredients to steer clear of and why.

ALSO, hormone health. I recently read Woman Code by Alisa Vitti who explains perfectly how a toxic environment impacts our hormone health (if you suffer from adult acne, irregular periods, low libido, painful PMS or are having trouble conceiving I highly recommend reading this book).

According to Vitti, toxins and chemicals interfere with the production, release, transport, metabolism and elimination of natural hormones and disrupt our ENDOCRINE SYSTEM (a collection of glands that produce hormones that regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and mood, among other things).

These disruptors can mimic our naturally occurring hormones, potentially causing overproduction and underproduction of actual hormones. They block the way that natural hormones and their receptors are made or controlled. I cannot stress enough how hormone health impacts our overall health and mental well being, if you don’t want to commit to the book here’s a podcast that gives a good overview!

So HOW can we make reduce our environmental toxins? I recommend slowly changing out products in our home tackling them 1 by 1, taking it all on at once is pretty overwhelming! Here are 4 great ways to start:

  1. LAUNDRY – I was shocked by some of the chemicals found in every day detergent that is easily absorbed in our skin from the sheets we lay on to the clothes we wear this is an important switch!

  2. DEODERANT – You’ve probably heard that antiperspirant traps toxins in that we are meant to sweat out and you may also have tried switching to a natural one but it REALLY DIDN’T WORK… k’pure naturals “Get Closer” deodorant ACTUALLY works, I’ve been using this one now for a couple of months and couldn’t be happier with it!

  3. SKIN CARE – Anything we put on our skin is absorbed therefor we need to be extra careful of the products we use on a daily basis like moisturizers, serums, and toners. It’s a total misconception that natural products don’t work as well in fact, I would argue that the opposite. Here are a few of my fave natural brands, bonus they’re LOCAL! K’pure naturals (loving their sunscreen, and eye serum “eyes up”), Kunye Way (Obsessed with their GLA youth elixir) and Harlow Atelier (Love their body balm and facial toners)

  4. HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS – Breathing in toxic chemicals, walking barefoot on floors and bathtubs cleaned with harmful ingredients are examples of ways that household cleaners can hinder our health. There are amazing recipes you can find online to make your own or if that's not your jam I really love using Sepadilla Rosemary Peppermint cleaner (you can find it at most grocery stores).

I’m happy to say after making these 4 changes in the past month I already feel better! It’s also important to note to take it easy on yourself to slowly make these changes, PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION is the best way to live <3!



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