The "Meg" in NutMeg Mylk

I realized the other day that I’ve never “formally” introduced myself (whoops). I often get asked "Why Nut Mylk?" and love hearing people’s stories about how they got started with their business so I thought I would share mine.

My name is Megan which you all probably already know, I grew up in Squamish but was a city girl at heart and currently live in Downtown Vancouver with my husband (you may have seen him at some of our pop ups we've been at, he’s an angel and has been the physical (seriously those coolers are heavy) and emotional support from the beginning). SO, how did NutMeg Start?

I was working in Real Estate Marketing, which I really enjoyed (mostly because of the incredible people I worked with), however I have always had desire to travel and was debating taking a leave of absence or even quitting (2 weeks of holiday in my opinion just isn’t enough). There was a shift one night when I was sharing my struggle with one of my best friends (now coach and healer @reikiwithlex), she asked me “what is it about travelling that you really love? What is the feeling you get from it and how can you bring that into your everyday life?” And it was then that I realized that freedom was what I was searching for.

I became obsessed with the idea of freedom. Freedom to create my own schedule, one that allowed me to go for a hike on a Tuesday. I started to pay attention to what other “free” people were doing, who were these people at coffee shops with their laptop at 2pm on a Wednesday and how can I become one of them?

A couple months later I had a work shop with my sister Kelly on how to make Nut Mylk. Something I had always wanted to learn to do (I didn’t drink dairy milk, but hated the store-bought dairy-free stuff). Fast forward to 2 weeks after the workshop, I was in the kitchen with different nuts, superfoods and spices making Nut Mylks for friends and family to try. I couldn’t stop, I was tapped into my creative side and loving it.

I was receiving rave reviews on my creations and had a few friends and colleagues tell me I needed to sell it. At first I laughed off the idea, but then I was like hmm maybe they’re on to something. In my research I couldn’t find another local company that made fresh Nut Mylk, maybe I had found my niche? Then the name came to me “NutMeg Mylk” the decision was made, I’m going to do this.

There is so much that goes in to starting a company from branding to permits and lab tests, but I won’t go into the details of how I brought this concept to a product on the shelf (that is a whole other blog post). What amazed me was that following every hurdle or roadblock was a sign that I was on the right path and that this is exactly what I was meant to do. Even with every no, every person who doubted that this could be done and every fear that popped into my head I knew that I had to trust my intuition and continue forward.

My goal was to quit my job and take NutMeg Mylk full time In February 2018. I continued to chip away at building NutMeg while working my 9 - 5 job (where I would often day dream about my hike up Seymour mountain with my dog Dave on a Tuesday at 10 am). It was September 28, 2017 that I had my last day at my. That Next week Dave and I went for a hike on a Tuesday.

I wanted to share my story as I know there are a lot of people sitting at their desks feeling the same way I did last year. The biggest take away is to trust your intuition, deep down you already know the answer you just need to tune in, and that if you want something bad enough (for me is was the feeling of freedom) you can absolutely make it happen if you’re willing to put the work in.



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