Why We Love Our Oat Cashew Barista Blend SO Much

It’s no secret that Oat Mylk is the hot new plant-based milk option and that it’s here to stay! It’s neutral taste and creamy consistency are far superior to other Store-bought options like soy, almond and coconut.

All that said, conventional oat milk brands are processed in a similar way as other plant-based milk options from brands like “Silk” and “So Fresh”. This process strips down the oats to its basic components and then manipulates these components to mimic the properties of dairy milk. Other ingredients like Canola oil and phoshates (a common ingredient in highly-processed foods such as processed meats and fast foods meals) are added, as well as other gums, fillers and preservatives.

Enter our oat cashew barista blend. We worked for months to create a Oat Mylk that would perform like these other processed barista blends, but with real organic ingredients. We added cashews for a creamy consistency and pine tree fibre to help create that micro foam for the perfect latte, Himalayan pink salt to bring out the oat flavour and a touch of maple for a little bit of sweetness.

We refused to add binders and keep it au naturel and are proud to say it makes a damn good latte with amazing foam, is environmentally friendly in our reusable glass bottles and are thrilled to share our cafes and their customers are loving it as much as we are.

If you would like to see our Oat Mylk barista blend in your local café send us a direct message on Instagram or a email with the name of the café, or better yet, talk to the café manager and let them know you’d like a healthier option like ours!



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