A Love Affair with Coffee + Adrenal Fatigue

My love for coffee started with my high school job working as a barista at Starbucks (side note I LOVED this job and had so much fun doing it). I didn’t realize this would be the start of my love affair with coffee. I love everything about it, the taste, the smell and sound it makes when it’s brewing and even the ritual of holding the warm mug.

Recently I’ve been feeling a lot more tired and intuitively knew that I needed to cut down on my caffeine intake. The following week I confirmed with my Naturopath that my adrenals were suffering as a result confirmed why my energy was low.

These past 2 weeks I’ve cut down to 1 coffee in the morning and decaf or herbal tea in the afternoon and it’s been a struggle. Every day around 2 pm I crash and crash hard into a brick wall it feels like, so I decided to reach out to our amazing community on Instagram. Our community shared their hacks to cutting caffeine and they were too good not to share with you all. Here are some of my faves:

  1. Continue with the decaf in the afternoon and allow your body to adjust

  2. One espresso shot in the morning and one in the afternoon, essentially cut back on the amount of caffeine while still enjoying a small amount in the afternoon

  3. Foursigmatic mushroom coffee

  4. Mix regular beans with decaf and slowly increase the ratio of decaf to regular (loved this hack)

  5. Rooibos tea in the afternoon. Part of the reason I love the coffee so much is because it tastes so freaking good with our Nut Mylk so choosing a caffeine free tea like Rooibos that mixes well with our Mylks might be a good option.

  6. Cut coffee completely, honestly the thought of this makes me really sad…

  7. Dandelion tea instead of coffee (going to try this for sure)

  8. Caffeine free lattes from brands like Amoda and Organika or try warming up our Mylks as lattes (love The Detox and The Indie for this)

As for Adrenal support I use a supplement Ortho Adapt as prescribed by my naturopath and would highly recommend working with a functional health practitioner or holistic nutritionist to support you and your health! I hope you found these suggestions as helpful as I did and will continue to share more about this as I see how many of you are going through fatigue as well.



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