Office Update that Seriously Boosted Our Productivity and Happiness

In the past, I've never put a lot of effort into home decor and making updates, I was ok with our furniture, it looked fine, functioned fine and that was that. However, we had been in our apartment for over 6 years and I was feeling restless and beyond ready to move. I also didn't feel grounded and organized with where all our business paperwork lived. I had always enjoyed working out of coffee shops and or from the couch, but what if I had a designated space specifically to get Sh*t done?

That started the process of changing our dining area that we sat at twice a year into a reading nook and office space that has brought me so much joy, productivity and am genuinely loving our home more than I have before. I wanted to share this as I noticed that even the smallest shift in your space can make the biggest difference and I'm kicking myself for not realizing this sooner.



This before and after had me laughing a bit, I didn't realize how bad this update needed to happen! We scoured Wayfair, The Bay, Amazon, Ikea and Structube and walked the isles of Homesense. Naturally gravitating to our brand colours with lots of white and gold with hints of pastel colours.

- Reading chair and automan: Homesense $225

- Tasseled pillow: Structube $25

- Cream throw: The Bay $55

Desk: Wayfair $310 *Very Impressed with this desk! Drawers and everything came assembled!

Gold Knob Spray Paint: $10 Home Depot

Framed Tofino Picture: City and She $75 *This was moved from our living area

Chair: Wayfair $160 * purchased when it was on sale for $90 you can find a similar one from Structube for $40

Lamp: Structube $65

Decorative Gold Ball: Structube $9

White Pillow: Homesense $25

Filing Cabinet: Amazon $83 *Kept wheels off and doubled up on the floor protectors to lift it off the ground. Honestly, wouldn't recommend this piece, the holes for hardware were oddly positioned.

Gold Hardware: Home Depot $15

Woven Basket: Amazon $34

Cactus: Structube $49 * I kill plants so thought it would be best to keep it artificial lol

Speckled pen holder: Structube $29

Candle: Lit Soy Candles $30

We also needed a place for books and extra storage in general, we had such a tough time finding the right one. When I saw Bethany Menzel's home post with this DIY sideboard, it was the first one my husband and I could agree with both liked, thanks for the inspo Bethany <3

2 Bookcases pushed together: Ikea Billy with Oxberg doors $220 for both * easy assembly

Wood Mantle: Home Depot 12" plywood $15

Marble ceramic dish: Structube $29

Gold Mirror: Homesense $60

Eucalyptus: Dried from a fresh bouquet from Plant Junky

All in all we spent about $1450, as you can see I'm a big fan of Structube loved their style and affordability! Hope you found this helpful and that it inspires you to feel happier in your space even with the smallest change!



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