A guide to our 5 fave Nut Mylks and how to use them

We are well aware that many of you drink our Mylks as a snack or a treat, however they were created with the purpose to replace conventional dairy-free milks that are full of gums fillers and preservatives and therefore were meant to be used throughout the week!

Each of our Mylks has a different flavour profile, different superfoods and thus, different health benefits. We wanted to provide a breakdown of our Mylks, their health benefits and how to use them.

For those of you stuck on which flavour to pick up at the store or which to order online, this post is for you!


- flavour profile - Creamy, nutty, and light sweetness from vanilla and organic maple

- health benefits - Full of vitamins and trace minerals, an excellent source of magnesium (which is involved in hundreds of biochemical reactions in your body), as well as vitamin E and selenium, both of which are amazing for healthy skin, nails and hair aka beauty foods.

- uses - Makes an amazing coffee creamer from the creaminess of brazil nuts, neautral flavour goes with almost everything like smoothies, cereal, oatmeal, you can really use it in anything!


- flavour profile - Coconutty, creamy and a slight spice from cinnamon and sweetness from vanilla and organic maple.

- health benefits - With a full serving of E3 Live's "Blue Majik" this superfood gives its beautiful blue hue as well as a long list of health benefits such as boosted immunity, fights inflammation, increased energy and chalked with antioxidants to combat signs of aging

- uses - Perfect with granola or cereal, an amazing base for smoothies, chia pudding and overnight oats, and is also so good warmed up as a "Blue Latte."


- flavour profile - Creamy, floral and lightly sweet from raw organic honey

- health benefits - Full of vitamins and trace minerals like all of our Mylks, but the star ingredient is our organic lavender florets, which have amazing calming properties and can help with anxiety, sleep and digestive issues. Raw honey is also a great immunity booster.

- uses - If you're having trouble sleeping, this Mylk is amazing warmed up before bed, also makes a great coffee creamer (love a hint of lavender in my coffee), in smoothies and other breakfast bowls like granola, oatmeal and overnight oats.


- flavour profile - Creamy, chocolatey, with a slight spice from cinnamon and light sweetness from vanilla and organic maple

- health benefits - Rich in polyphenols, this Mylk is loaded with antioxidants that reduce inflammation, improved blood flow and enhanced brain function and can also help boost and stabilize mood.

- uses - My favourite as a snack, this Mylks is loaded with Fibre and healthy fats to help you feel full longer, and is an amazing smoothie base with banana, and a staff favourite in chia pudding. This Mylk is also perfect warmed up as a healthy hot chocolate!


- flavour profile - Creamy, nutty, spicy and warming with a host of spices like turmeric, cinnamon and black pepper, lightly sweetened with organic raw honey.

- health benefits - This Mylk has the most health benefits of all, with the most powerful immunity boosters of the 5. The Indie is also the best for fighting inflammation, as cinnamon, turmeric and black pepper all work together to lower inflammation. Other health benefits include a dramatic increase of antioxidant capacity in the body, improved brain function, anticancer properties and the list goes on an on for this one.

- uses - Is amazing warmed up as a golden latte, in a smoothie with mango, banana and spinach, a great coffee creamer if you like a little spice to your morning coffee, and excellent in oatmeal of overnight oats

We hope you found this helpful when it comes to choosing which flavours are best for you! Click here to order online.



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